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OCHS’ Pride:

Sophia Azim

By Sarbjeet Kaur

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Take Your Pick! OCHS Offers a Plethora of Clubs

By Rebecca Zelten

A great way to get involved with school happenings and connect with other students who have interests and hobbies similar to you is to join a club. Whether you are passionate about an activity or looking to expand your knowledge on a subject, clubs are an excellent source of information. 

Join at least one club, so your high school experience is enriched by spending time pursuing your passion or interest with like-minded students.

In Clubs & Activities …

Playwright, Director Mr. Steeves on “The Forgotten” Moon & Theatre During COVID

“The play, along with our excellent fall one-act, “The Internet is Distract– Oh Look a Kitten!” will both be available for streaming on the weekend of November 19th-22nd.”


Double-Edged Sword

Xenophelia vs. Xenophobia

The existence of aliens has been debated for decades. So, should humans actively search for extraterrestrials?

Pirates vs. Ninjas

Considering the popular internet debate of ancient ninjas vs. colonized pirates, which is truly the superior?

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