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In Herald’s Headlines…

Kenosha: A battlefield of Justice

By Riya Lahoti

Includes details about Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse

In Knightly News…

Oak Creek to Return to School on Hybrid Schedule

By Ms. Ferg

After nearly four weeks of educators tackling the world of virtual learning from the halls of Oak Creek High School and students showing up to class from their bedrooms, the educational reality due to COVID-19 is about to change once again …

“As nerdy as it sounds, I genuinely love school. Not only because I get to learn and explore new ideas every day but also because I really value social interactions.”

Sophia azim, Senior

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Xenophelia vs. Xenophobia

The existence of aliens has been debated for decades. So, should humans actively search for extraterrestrials?

Pirates vs. Ninjas

Considering the popular internet debate of ancient ninjas vs. colonized pirates, which is truly the superior?

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