The Power of Peterson

by Michaela Snead and Madelyn Buchmann

Alaina Peterson, an all-around all-star, has immeasurably proven her devotion to relationships and school. She involves herself in a variety of activities, ranging from Varsity Girls Basketball to band to National Honors Society. 

Alaina Peterson is always a shining, smiling star.

Compared to many teens, Peterson is as active as one can get. Peterson participated in Girls Volleyball during her freshman and sophomore years, but due to conflicting schedules with Marching Band, she had to make a tough decision. She chose band. She reasoned that she played her clarinet since elementary school and didn’t want to give up something that brought her so much enjoyment. So, for all four years of high school, Peterson marched around 18 hours every week, dedicating even more time on competition weekends. Before she would become a dedicated section leader of the clarinet section, she set a model example as a committed member. Her constant hard work paid off in her senior year when her peers elected her to help lead the 35-member section. Peterson took charge of projects and motivated everyone in the section to always do their best with the help of the other elected clarinet senior. She also attended weekly meetings with the 13 other elected band students to learn about leadership. 

During the Winter season, Peterson plays for the Oak Creek High School Girls Varsity Basketball team. On December 6, the team won their 100th Conference game. Peterson scored 2 points in their sweep of 77-33. Her love for basketball arose in 2nd grade when she joined her first team.

“Being on the basketball team is amazing because seeing everyone grow so much during the season is so rewarding.”

-Alaina Peterson

She explains her love for her teammates is what inspires her to continue pushing herself in this sport. 

In addition to juggling her busy schedule in school activities, Peterson works diligently in her academics. She currently takes three Advanced Placement classes: AP Psychology, AP Physics, and AP Statistics. She actively maintains her understanding in these challenging courses. 

Peterson has spent her high school career retaining her well-roundedness. She was accepted into National Honors Society in her senior year due to her scholarly abilities, service, leadership, and character. She also participated in Renaissance, another volunteer driven organization, during her sophomore, junior, and senior years. She continues to expand her knowledge through HOSA, which inspired her love for the medical field. 

This passion for health and medicine alongside her hard work drove Peterson’s acceptance into UW-Lacrosse. Peterson loves the campus but would love to attend UW-Madison. She hopes to major in veterinary sciences and minor in biology. 

Peterson attributes inspiration in her life to her best friend, Megan Tougas. She states, “Throughout high school, Megan has been my rock. Whenever I had a rough day, Megan would be there giving me some of her optimistic power.” 

Another person who majorly impacted Peterson is her mother. “My mother has always been there for me. Through thick and thin and the different stages of life, she has always been by my side,” she explained.

Alaina Peterson is a shining star. She moves through life as if nothing can stop her and positively impacts every person with whom she comes in contact. Whether she’s wearing a hoodie, Peterson’s personal favorite, or a dress, she’s always surely wearing a smile. Alaina Peterson is our definition of an All-around All-Star. 

One thought on “The Power of Peterson

  1. Thank you for this very well written article. It gives acknowledgement to an outstanding student, my granddaughter!
    My compliments to the authors as well for a their journalism skills.


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