OCHS Artists Swing into 2020 with Talent and Jazz

By Sarbjeet Kaur

Colorful works of art lined the usually dull walls of Oak Creek High School, luring an ever growing crowd to fill the cramped lobby and catch a glimpse into the bared souls of brooding teenage artists. Mothers, with cameras in hand to eternalize their child awkwardly standing next to their drawings, boasted proud smiles. For a gallery night, it was loud. The Minor Sevenths jazz band swung into roaring saxophonic tunes and students gathered with friends to talk. Sweet-smelling cupcakes and other aromatic baked treats displayed across the table.

The Minor Sevenths Jazz Band from OCHS serenades the students, families, and friends perusing the gallery.
Photography Credit to Laura Dorow

Twice a year, I find myself drifting among friends as we pass each painting, commenting on which ones we like best. I lingered by the pottery wheel demonstration and had a chat with Rowan Hildebrandt about her experience so far. “I got to draw! Because that’s something you can do at the drawing station. Also seeing like everybody I’ve ever known here is pretty cool too,” she tells me with animated gestures, hands flowing through the air as she spoke.

“It’s a nice environment, there’s a lot of people, and no one’s really negative in any way,” Ellie Roku explained her time during the show. “I really like the music! It feels. . . louder than last year, maybe that’s in my head, I dunno,” she shrugged with a small smile. “It just feels a lot different than last year.”

Interested students watch their classmate crafting pottery.
Photography Credit to Laura Dorow

“I really liked all the ceramics stuff, they were really cool this year. The jazz band adds a nice little vibe to the show and the bake sale helps out the art classes. KnightVision movies help out KnightVision, and it’s a cool breather from the hot, sweaty hallway.”

~ OCHS Senior Kayla Hodgins

KnightVison, Oak Creek High School’s film production team, hosts a movie night where they premiere featured films made by the film classes. I snuck into the theatre and managed to catch one just in time. On the projector, a sci-fi alien wobbled across the screen as the film title shimmered into view, We Are Not Alone.

The talented and driven AP Art students are busy drawing and painting even at the exhibition.
Photography Credit to Laura Dorow

As I exited the theater, I saw a mother standing by her child with a proud smile, admiring the talent in front of her. “It’s wonderful, to see all the kids and all their work and all the time they put into everything. Yeah, it’s nice,” she commented. She gestured to the groups of people gathered around. “It is really wonderful.”

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