OCHS Homecoming Week

By Riya Lahoti

As students come back to school after almost seven months of quarantine, a yearly tradition of homecoming week created new fond memories of Oak Creek Knight spirit. Every day, our students were given the opportunity to dress according to their grade’s theme, such as “fantasy freshman,” “spooky sophomores,” “jersey juniors,” and “space seniors.” At the end of homecoming week, our extraordinary seniors were able to conquer first place for most spirit points. 

Along with homecoming week, came the 2020 OCHS Homecoming Court! Our homecoming princesses were: Julianna Anguiano, Katee Boyce, Holly Hunger, Riley Cowell, Emma Dachel, Madison Farquhar, Angela Olen, and Anna Weiss. 

And our homecoming princes were: Keegan Anderson, Borisav Dimitrijevic, Ethan Ferger, Alex Hale, Lio O’Shasky, Tyler Peck, Alexander Ray, and Kael Stulo. 

OCHS 2020 Homecoming Court

With such a bright and amazing court to proudly represent the class of 2020, the competition for Queen and King was difficult; however congratulations to Emma Dachel, our new Homecoming Queen, and Kael Stulo, our Homecoming King. 

Sadly, due to distancing protocols, our high school wasn’t able to host a homecoming dance, however, it was replaced with a drive-thru homecoming, which included a drive thru, walking path, DJ, decorations, floats, and much more. Student and homecoming prince Ethan Ferger regarded this event as “different than HOCO from other years” but acknowledged it was the best Student Council could do with our current COVID-19 situation. However, he appreciated memories formed by the experience. Additionally, student council member Cassie Vandehi stated, “The turnout was better than expected, which was great. Although I wish there were some slight changes made, I thought it was fun! There were cute decorations and good music,” she said. “For what we could do in these uncertain times, it was pretty memorable!”

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