Take Your Pick! OCHS Offers a Plethora of Clubs

By Rebecca Zelten

A great way to get involved with school happenings and connect with other students who have interests and hobbies similar to you is to join a club. Whether you are passionate about an activity or looking to expand your knowledge on a subject, clubs are an excellent source of information. From Anime Club to Writing Club, Oak Creek has a variety of clubs for students to explore. Being a part of a club makes you feel accomplished and motivates you to pursue your interests. With that being said, here is a list of clubs that students can join. 


This club is for avid anime enthusiasts. Join to discuss the arts of Japan and everything involving anime. From Naruto to Full Metal Activists, club members will be able to dive into the art of Anime. 

Advisor:  Mr. Gregg – g.gregg@ocfsd.org


If you’re interested in building an incredible one-on-one friendship with another student at OCHS, join Best Buddies. You can be matched with another student that has an IDD (intellectual development disability) and form a meaningful connection with him or her, gain self-confidence and self-esteem, enjoy shared interests, and participate in activities throughout the school year together. “The majority of our activities will be virtual this year; however, it is still a great opportunity to meet someone new and have a positive impact!,” said the advisor, Ms. Henson. Follow the Best Buddies Instagram @ocbestbuddies for updates throughout the year. Join the Google Classroom with the code, wla6hrf, and submit an application at bestbuddiesonline.org

Advisors:  Mrs. Rezner/Ms. Henson – l.rezner@ocfsd.org, r.henson@ocfsd.org


Dr. Seuss famously said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. Get ready to go to places you’ve never been to before and join Book Club. Book Club meets biweekly after school on Fridays from 2:45 until 3:45. To join Book Club, sign up under “literary resources” on the library’s website. Book Club will be meeting virtually until further notice.

Advisor: Ms. Henning – k.henning@ocfsd.org

Clubs are the best way to meet others that have like-minded ideas and where students can gain new friends.


Chess Club allows students to stretch their mind playing the game of chess. This mind-bending club accepts masters and beginners. Don’t be afraid to invite others!

Advisor: Mr. Schafer – z.schaefer@ocfsd.org


This is a place to explore the world of comics. Students can appreciate the art of comics, whether it be cartoons or graphic novels. It’d be an amazing club to share your hand-drawn comics with as well. Email Ms. Schmidt for more information.

Advisor: Mrs. Schmidt – a.schmidt@ocfsd.org


Computer Club focuses on technology, gaming, and the evolving online culture that has us working and socializing more via technology. “This year, we’ll be focusing on virtual discussions/debates regarding tech and gaming, online gaming and eSports, as well as hosting online social events for our club members,” said advisor, Mr. Bullamore.

This club is planning on meeting virtually in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled of the announcements!

Advisor: Mr. Bullamore – m.bullamore@ocfsd.org


Get your scissors and yarn ready! This club is for those who like to get creative. From drawing to knitting, any student can share their crafting abilities. This is also a great place to learn new skills.

Advisor:  Ms. Gauger – c.gauger@ocfsd.org


The club prepares students to become entrepreneurs and allows them to see what it is like to have a career in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management fields.

Advisor: Mr. Subach – s.subach@ocfsd.org


For those of you with an interest in the outside world and preserving it, consider Environmental Club, which meets virtually on Thursdays. Our club is student directed and does everything from fundraising to a plant sale. It is great for plant- and Earth-lovers!” said the advisor, Ms. Strauss.

Advisor: Ms. Strauss – l.strauss@ocfsd.org


FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. This club delves into the world of economics while participating in fundraisers and charities. Join this club to get a head start in business careers.

Advisor:  Ms. Stiebs – d.stiebs@ocfsd.org


This club has a real-life application that includes culinary, leadership, and fundraising. FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) allows students to hone their skills, so they can benefit their community.

Advisor: Ms. Joseph – c.joseph@ocfsd.org


This club deals with public speaking. Using the categories of reading, speaking, and acting, forensics competes with other clubs to gain awards. Forensics allows students to build confidence with speaking skills. This year, forensics is trying to find a safe way to run, so stay tuned for more information.

Advisor:  Ms. Short – c.short@ocfsd.org


GSA stands for Gay-Straight Alliance. GSA is a friendly community that works toward an inclusive environment at the school. Everyone is welcome to join and to learn about others is a compassionate way.

Advisor:  Mrs. Hudson – c.hudson@ocfsd.org


Journalism Club runs the school Sword & Shield website. This club allows you to hone real-world media skills, where you can interview, write stories, take photos, graphic design, and more, depending on where your skills and interest lie. “We’re passionate about you pursuing your passion and creating quality content in the process,” said Ms. Ferg, advisor.

Advisor: Ms. Ferg – c.ferg@ocfsd.org


This is an intensive club that recreates the process of a judicial trial. Students compete against other schools in a courtroom before a real-life judge. Come join to learn in-depth about trials and the legal field.

Advisors:  Mr. Olinski/Mr. Cota – m.olinski@ocfsd.org, j.cota@ocfsd.org


Students represent countries in a mock United Nations. They also research facts about their county in preparation for the United Nations meeting. The club is a great fit for students with political and/or international career aspirations.

Advisor:  Mr. Olinski – m.olinski@ocfsd.org


With several math competitions throughout the school year, “Mu Alpha Theta is for anyone who loves math and problem solving,” advisor Ms. Gauger said. The meetings are dedicated to practicing for the competitions.

Advisor:  Mrs. Gauger – c.gauger@ocfsd.org


Multicultural Club allows students to educate themselves about different cultures at the school. This club seeks to achieve a greater understanding of others from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Advisor:  Mr. Carreon – b.carreon@ocfsd.org


The Neolithic Society is an archaeology club dedicated to researching and preserving the Archaeological Heritage of the Oak Creek and Wisconsin region. The club collects and researches Native American artifacts, studies ancient cultures and technologies, participates in field trips to important archaeological sites in Wisconsin and hosts field days to locate Native American artifacts from the earliest residents of Oak Creek.

Advisor:  Mr. Holterman – t.holterman@ocfds.org


For students who want to engage with the community, Renaissance allows members to gain experience and hours by volunteering.

Advisor:  Mrs. Hren – k.hren@ocfsd.org


Ski Club is open to anyone who enjoys skiing or snowboarding. Trips are planned during the winter months (weather permitting). Students of all abilities are welcome. Equipment is not provided. All trips are organized and supervised by the advisor.

Advisor:  Ms. Quillin – n.quillin@ocfsd.org


SkillsUSA is a student-run organization for students who are interested in workplace skills. Students will have the opportunity to compete in different career-skill competitions at the local, state and national levels.

Advisor:  Mr. Swenson – d.swenson@ocfsd.org


The Spanish Club is composed of students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures and their ability to use the Spanish language. The Spanish Club celebrates many of the holidays which are important to Spanish-speaking people.

Advisor:  Ms. Wagner – s.wagner@ocfsd.org


Round Table Robotics is a student-led team that strives to provide engaging opportunities, which will inspire students to pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Students are exposed to hands-on, real-world experiences that encourage them to take risks and learn how to problem-solve as a team with the use of advanced technology, computers, scientific principles, and teamwork.

Advisors: Mr. Alvarez/Mr. Krist/Mrs. Marshall – l.alvarez@ocfsd.org, j.krist@twc.com, marshalldesigns@gmail.com


According to Student Council, “The purpose of this body, in all its actions, shall be to promote the welfare of the school; to reflect the student’s opinions and views; to encourage cooperation between faculty and students; to increase school spirit, pride, participation, and unity between faculty and students; and to develop in the student a growing appreciation of membership in a democracy by providing educational responsibilities and the privileges of participation in such a democracy in a school.” To join student council, students must be elected through an application process.

Advisors:  Mrs. Lietz/Mrs. Stewart – studentcouncil@ocfsd.org


OCHS Theatre sponsors multiple productions and events every year.  Some of the annual events include: one-act competition play, full-length play, musical, improv showcase, student-directed play, and guerilla theatre. OCHS Theatre Program also sponsors Troupe #285 of the International Thespian Society.

Advisors:  Mr. Steeves/Ms. Retzlaff/Ms. Fritz/Ms. O’Toole – a.steeves@ocfsd.org, a.retzlaff@ocfsd.org, e.fritz@ocfsd.org, s.otoole@ocfsd.org


Writing Club is a safe space where students can share their own pieces of writing. The writing community is also the perfect place where students can gain feedback from others who are enthusiastic about writing.  

Advisor: Ms. Olson – n.olson@ocfsd.org


This club allows students with more liberal views to debate and educate themselves on the processes of politics. Occasionally, this club will collaborate with the Young Republicans Club to debate an issue.

Advisor:  Mr. Kurth – c.kurth@ocfsd.org


This club is for those passionate about conservative politics. Join this club to participate in discussions and become an active citizen. This is the sister club of the Young Democrats.

Advisor:  Mr. Wolf – j.wolf@ocfsd.org

So there it is! Some clubs that allow students to become active within their school. It is encouraged to join at least one, so you can be part of a passionate group. Clubs are the best way to meet others that have like-minded ideas and where students can gain new friends. In the end, clubs make the school a more exciting place and shape students to become extroverted. Clubtastic! 

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