Playwright, Director Mr. Steeves on “The Forgotten Moon” & Theatre During COVID

Q: In a nutshell, what’s the play, The Forgotten Moon, about? 

A (Mr. Steeves, English teacher and playwright/director of The Forgotten Moon): Here’s the synopsis: Martin Fischer keeps meeting himself. Ever since he was a baby, versions of him keep popping up in his life. And since the death of his grandfather, Martin has always loved, collected, and gathered stories. But as he ages, he finds those stories beginning to slip away, and so he fights to hang on to everything he loves, before he loses it all. 

“We really haven’t made a play; we’ve made a movie.”


Q: Why did you select it? 

Mr. Steeves, playwright of The Forgotten Moon, which will stream
Nov. 19-22, 2020.

A: The honest answer is that, because of COVID, we had difficulty finding a full-length play that would allow us streaming rights. Because it is unsafe to gather in any kind of meaningful number in the Little Theater, I knew that was the only way we could perform. We picked this show because, well, I wrote it, and so we wouldn’t have to worry about any sort of rights, as I own them. It gave us a lot of flexibility, which we needed during this time. 

Q: How has COVID impacted play rehearsal and, ultimately, the final performance? 

A: In every imaginable way. We really haven’t made a play; we’ve made a movie. Over 90 percent of the production was filmed individually in students’ homes, using green screens, Chromebooks, phones, wireless headphones, and a fair amount of editing to all make it as seamless as possible. It’s wildly different than anything we’ve ever attempted before.

Q: How has everyone adapted to these circumstances? 

A: It’s obviously difficult to adapt when you have a certain expectation and circumstances don’t allow for it. That said, I’m really impressed by the cast and crew of this show. A lot of the effort and work was put on them, and they absolutely rose to the occasion and put together an excellent show. 

Q: What are you most excited about?

A: I’ve spent the last two months watching individual student performances, and I’ve looked at some of the early edits, and watching two people, who are in two separate houses, converse on the screen together is breaking my brain a bit in a good way. It’s not perfect, there are some rough edges, but watching it feels miraculous, and I’m excited for everyone to see it, but I’m especially excited for the cast and crew to see the finished product. They’ve all worked so hard and kicked so much butt on their individual parts, it’s something else to see the whole thing put together. 

“The play, along with our excellent fall one-act, “The Internet is Distract– Oh Look a Kitten!” will both be available for streaming on the weekend of November 19th-22nd.”

Mr. Steeves

Q: How/when can the play be viewed?

A: The play, along with our excellent fall one-act, “The Internet is Distract– Oh Look a Kitten!” will both be available for streaming on the weekend of November 19th-22nd. For ten dollars, you will have access to both shows for the entire weekend. More information will be available on our website,

Q: Is there anything else you want readers to know? 

A: We will have more opportunities to join theatre! Students should keep an eye on our website and on the school announcements for some of our opportunities in the spring. 

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