Ms. Huber Handles Business at Oak Creek High School

By Ms. Carie Ferg

Ms. Huber has taught at Oak Creek High School for 16 years.

On any given day, you might walk through Oak Creek High School and hear the “clickety-clack” of Ms. Huber’s heels striding down the hallway. She’s always dressed just as smartly as her shoes sound, in fashionable yet professional attire. A businesswoman at heart, Huber didn’t gain her reputation as a stellar teacher at OCHS through her appearance though. After 21 years of teaching, 16 of which have been at OCHS, the powerhouse heads up many business-related courses — accounting 1, college honors accounting, management and leadership, and the Armory (see sidebar for more information)  internship — and is widely recognized among students as an inspiring and impactful instructor.

“She is truly one of the kindest and most supportive role models within the Oak Creek community.”

Riya Lahoti, senior

High-achieving senior, Riya Lahoti, is one such student. According to Lahoti, Huber is a top teacher and her  “engaging and fun” classes have contributed to her success as a student. She noted that many students are a bit intimidated by Huber at first but then “realize she is truly one of the kindest and most supportive role models within the Oak Creek community.” Huber has been a source of inspiration to Lahoti and “showed me that you can truly do anything you desire,” she said. “Her love and care for all her students is astonishing.”

Before Huber became the educational role model she is today, she worked in the business and accounting field along with training corporate employees on how to use different software programs. The days felt long though and Huber hadn’t yet found her purpose until she received a phone call, inquiring if she’d ever considered teaching. Huber decided to add a teaching license to the business degree she already had. She began teaching at OCHS in 1998. Now, “I couldn’t see doing anything else in my life,” she said.

The 21 years since Huber started teaching has passed by incredibly fast. And it’s the students, of course, who have propelled and motivated her day after day, year after year through “watching them succeed and fail, giving advice when they need it, becoming frustrated when they are frustrated, and showing them we are all learning together.” And the payoff is great, according to Huber, “watching students grow and learn emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially in our technologically global society” not only in the present but as they mature into adults as well.

The business world has a reputation for being cut-throat at times, but Huber’s role model is one who infuses his approach with integrity. Howard Schultz, former owner and operator of Starbucks, is a source of inspiration for Huber. One of his key philosophies is that “leadership is not just about winning, but finding a right way to succeed that brings hope for a brighter future to others,” and there’s no question that Huber brings this principle to life in her own classroom.

Ms. Huber’s Top Tips to Achieve Success

  • Never give up, and it is okay to FAIL.  Yes, fail … as long as you pick up the pieces and continue to conquer and drive toward success.  
  • Stay motivated to take ownership of your own learning, achievements, and failures.
  • Research and read; get to know yourself and your competitor.
  • Get involved in the community, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.
  • Communicate (not through technology)!
  • Don’t be LATE! Always be EARLY!

Everything You Need Know about The Armory

  • The Armory is a student-run business for those students who are eager to learn about and venture into business after they graduate. 
  • The Armory consists of 2 ½ brick-and-mortar stores (10-12 building, ninth grade center, and stadium campus stores) along with an  e-commerce website
  • The goal of the Armory is to provide business students the firsthand experience of operating a successful business through customer service, marketing, and financial management in a team-orientated and innovative working environment.
  • Students in the Armory are also involved and participate in FBLA and DECA — business and marketing clubs.
  • Armory students receive transcript credit through MATC after they fully complete the course requirements and a team business project at the end of the year.
  • Students who are hired dedicate their summers to training, filling online orders, preparing the Stadium store for football season, and meeting with distributors to design and purchase apparel for the new school year.

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