Let’s Celebrate Female Entrepreneurs for Women’s History Month!

By Thrisha Kumar

Women have always been unequally challenged when it comes to leadership, and entrepreneurship is no exception. However, the call for equality is starting to shape success. The world now has more successful women in innumerable fields. March is Women’s History Month, and here are some outstanding female entrepreneurs everyone should know. 

  1. Devaki Raj — CEO and founder of CrowdAI
Photo source: https://partner.insuretechconnect.com/itc20-risk–insurance 

Devaki Raj is part of a thriving industry that makes data amply useful. She is the CEO and founder of a startup called CrowdAI. In today’s world, satellites are everywhere, taking images of every part of the planet. CrowdAI uses machine learning and computer vision algorithms to analyze these satellite images. As a result, roads, buildings and many other features can be mapped more meticulously. By using their technology, Devaki and her team mapped out the actual damage of a hurricane that struck Florida. CrowdAI’s technology helped a telecom service to identify areas of need at rapid speed.

Devaki’s thirst for science has been lifelong, which is how she got to this point. She met Jane Goodall in third grade, and she has long been inspired by her. What impressed her about Jane is how she used her knowledge for a good cause to help the Earth. 

  1. Maya French — Co-founder of Koia

Maya French is the co-founder of Koia, a company that manufactures 100-percent plant-based beverages. Koia uses natural ingredients to deliver appetizing, yet nutritious flavors. The world is gaining more vegans day by day. The vegan lifestyle is said to have many benefits to the human body and to the environment around us. When she first got interested in the food industry, Maya struggled with food-based allergies. Subsequently, she discovered the benefits of plant-based proteins. She then decided to create a product that would be instrumental in providing consumers with a better lifestyle. 

Although she only had experience in journalism and fashion retail, she took risks in an unknown territory. She teamed up with partner Dustin Baker to make her dreams come true. After years of practice, she has become an expert in the natural foods industry. 

  1. Rebecca Kantar — Founder of Imbellus
Photo credit: https://www.businessinsider.com/rebecca-kantar-wants-to-reinvent-the-sat-2016-9 

Rebecca Kantar is the Founder and CEO of Imbellus, which is a company that focuses on making education more advantageous. Imbellus builds simulation-based assessments that measure “21st-century” cognitive skills that are not covered across the education system. Instead of assessing what students know, they assess how they think. They measure skills like problem solving, systems thinking, critical thinking, adaptability, and metacognition. Imbellus attempts to work on adulthood readiness, and not just college readiness. 

When Maya was in college, she was dispirited because of the use of similar thinking already leveraged in high school. She realized that if her schools still left her wanting for more applied learning opportunities, how likely it was that most students far less fortunate were spending their school days learning to think in ways that would not best serve them in life. That drove her to move schools forward in preparing all students for adulthood, by innovating within the testing industry.

  1. Nadia Masri — CEO and founder of Perksy

Nadia Masri is the CEO and founder of Perksy. The company is a next-gen market intelligence platform that conducts real-time research with Millennial and Gen-Z audiences. By understanding the habits, behaviors, and preferences of those consumer, Nadia is redefining market research by making feedback the most preferred form of engagement. 

She started her first company, while in college, at age 17. She fell in love with marketing because of its creative and intellectual traits. She believed that reframing customer feedback and making it more delightful, simple, and rewarding would create change. 

  1. Soona Amhaz — Founder of Volt Capital

Soona Amhaz is the founder of Volt Capital, which is a contrarian crypto fund that manages capital in aid of investors such as USV’s Albert Wenger and Founders Fund’s Brian Singerman. She has led eight investments to date, and helped startups including Magic, Valium, Cozy, BuyCoins, and Matrix League. 

Crypto investing is personal for Soona. While her family was living in Lebanon, they suffered from the devaluation of the country’s currency. That drove her to help them convert some money to Bitcoin to conserve what they had left.







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