Taylor Gilbert Designs Iconic Veterans Mural

By Sarbjeet Kaur

Our surroundings shape us. Even when looking back on our experiences, certain images stick out and bring back memories attached with it, and before you know it, you’re lost in a nostalgic daze reliving your best days. Whether that trigger be something as simple as a scantron sheet or your prom dress, it was significant enough to become a part of your life. 

“I chose this design because I wanted it to be timeless and a statement.”

Taylor gilbert, senior

The new mural is no exception to this phenomenon. An intricate pattern of shapes decorates the front lobby hallway, where not long before, senior Taylor Gilbert stood before the blank wall, envisaging her idea and finalizing it with masking tape. Fifty hours of work later, the ornate design brings life to the brick walls; colorful triangle figures almost link together to create a complete picture, a whole greater than its parts. 

“I chose this design because I wanted it to be timeless and a statement, while not taking away from the purpose of the veterans hall,” Gilbert said. Her artist statement delves further into creating a balance between representing the military and Oak Creek High School. “Our school colors morph into the military branch colors to represent the path some of our alumni take toward service. The shape of the triangle was chosen for its reputation of strength and stability, and when the triangles are interwoven with each other, it creates a design that depends on the previous in order to create a new shape. When looking at this design up close, you’ll see that the shapes never touch each other; however, when looking from afar, you do not see them as individuals; you only see the painting as one configuration.” 

This mural will continue to serve as a strong image that represents Oak Creek High School and will be an unforgettable piece of our collective high school memory. It captures the essence of Oak Creek’s spirit, and as Gilbert puts it best, “This mural serves as a reminder of our continued support for each other as students and alumni of OCHS.” 

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