Knight’s Café: Allowing Students to Gain Culinary and Real World Experience

By: Lana Zahngenner

The Knight’s Café is the new culinary program at OCHS that gives students the opportunity to interact with customers and provide culinary services. This program is available to culinary arts students who seek real-life experience in hospitality, business management, or barista career fields. The students participating in this program work with Anodyne Roastery which provides training on the espresso machine; this gives students the opportunity to learn how to make a variety of coffee specialty drinks.

The Café also offers limited seasonal items on their menu, such as the Holiday Crumbles Cookie Sale that took place in December, as well as the St. Patrick’s Day event. Furthermore, the program provides catering services to different school events each year like FBLA regionals and the CTE open house. They plan to cater for future CTE events in the spring, like the Interview Summit and Reality Day.

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