Fall Sports Update

By: Ella Owen

Oak Creek High School offers almost 30 sports, a third of which are fall sports. Keeping track of all the sports is hard, especially during the football season since it steals the spotlight from lesser-known activities.

The girl’s junior varsity volleyball team has had a productive start to their season. Julia Erdmann, a setter on the team, had a lot of constructive, yet optimistic, things to say about what the rest of the season will look like for them.

“I think [our season] is going good, but I think we could work on communication,” said Erdmann. “I [also] think the rest of the season is looking promising.”

The boy’s volleyball team has also started their season. When interviewed about the team’s current season, Benjamin Luther, an outside hitter on the varsity team, was very encouraging.

“Our season has gone well so far, we have a lot to work on but are improving very quickly,” said Luther. “There are always things to work on, but if you put in the work, results will follow.” 

When asked about his predictions of the rest of the season, Luther added, “I think we will succeed a lot because we have lots of talent.”

The girl’s tennis team has already played multiple matches against various schools in our conference. When asked what she is looking forward to in her season, Jillian Weed, a player on the JV team, had a positive outlook.

“This has been a great first season of playing tennis,” said Weed. “Playing in the JV conference will be a great learning experience and will help me improve.”

All in all, Oak Creek’s hard working fall sports players are seeing a lot of success this season, despite being under varsity football’s shadow.

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