GO Time Benefits Students

By: Kaitlyn Dohs

GO Time gives students at Oak Creek High School the opportunity to thrive academically. However, teachers, administration, and students worry that GO time will not be effectively utilized. 

GO Time replaced advisory and study halls in block scheduling this year. The school board and administration put a lot of time and research into the transition from an eight period day to a four block day. This transition took two years of planning.

“The biggest thing that we wanted from this was GO time,” Mr. Lataille said in reference to block scheduling. 

Mr. Lataille also added that the idea of GO Time was extremely appealing–primarily because it allows students to receive help in subjects that they may be struggling with for two hours every week.

However, due to the newness of GO Time, “the first day of travel will be pretty nuts,” Latille said. People will have to, “find a way to work through some kinks,” Latille stated.

Mr. Lataille and Mrs. Henning, the school librarian, said the main issue teachers and administrators foresee in GO Time is students signing up for classes to hangout with their friends instead of using GO Time as it was intended — to get help in subjects they’re struggling in.

“I think that there’s some kids who naturally won’t take this seriously,” Henning said. However, she believes, “The kids who are inclined to make the most of their year and get things done this will help and give you guys the opportunity to exceed and excel in areas you haven’t before,” Henning added. 

Derek Langhan, a student who admittedly doesn’t take school seriously, said, “I went the first day to just hang out with my friends and mess around, but then my personal finance teacher forced me to go to her class and I finished all my missing work.”

Langhan added, “At first I thought GO time was pointless but now that we’re actually traveling I can see how it’d be good for us.”

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