Volleyball Superstars and Their Superstitions

By: Emily Cross

Oak Creek Girls Volleyball, the number-one-ranked team in the Southeast Conference, trusts that their superstitions will bring them to the top. 

Led by coach of the year, Kristen Hren, the team has an overall record of 22-4. The Knights come off a big conference win on Tuesday, September 28th, against the previously undefeated Franklin Sabers.

Coach Hren was asked why the team has been so successful. 

“Matches are when the athletes perform–it’s their time to show what they can do and see their hard work pay off,” said Hren. She also mentions the importance of supporting the players, and praising what they do well. 

Superstitions are important to members of this team. Although Hren says she is more focused on a routine than superstition during the pre-game warm-up, her assistant coach has to throw the first ball across the net to the passer in hitting lines. She mentions she did not realize she did this until recently.

“I don’t fear a loss if we don’t do it, but it feels right when Coach B throws the first ball,” commented Hren. 

Furthermore, she mentions she does not know when or why this began, but it’s a natural task. 

As for the players, they have superstitions and routines of their own. After their latest win, the outside hitter Kaitlyn Dohs mentions the girls stayed consistent throughout their match. Her superstition is having her hair styled in the same braid which keeps her confident.

“It’s something consistent with every game regardless of how I’m feeling that day or where we are playing,” said Dohs. Her goal, along with the rest of the team, is to return to the state tournament. 

In addition, every Monday night the players have a team dinner. 

“It’s nice to be together outside of volleyball and connect on a personal level,” stated senior Sierra Kilbourn.

She also mentions the relationships they have with one another is what sets them apart from the competition.

 “Our relationships allow us to flow on the court and keep everyone in good spirits… without our bonds we wouldn’t be the team we are,” mentions Kilbourn.

Kilbourn has high expectations for the rest of the season which include returning to the state tournament and winning a conference medal. Hopefully their superstitions help them along the way.

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