Isabelle Olesen – More Than Meets the Eye

By: Emily Cross

Sophomore Isabelle Olesen is determined to return to the wrestling state tournament, but what most don’t know is that she’s also on the football team.

15-year-old Olesen has lived in Oak Creek her whole life. She lives in a close-knit household with her mother and father. Her older sister graduated high school last year, and Olesen says they are very different.

“I am the complete opposite of her; she doesn’t play any sports. I try to be different because she’s my parent’s favorite,” Olesen mentions. She says her sister is more school focused and Olesen tries to set herself apart.

She also says that her family lives in a quiet yet busy household. They try to have family dinners as often as possible. With back-to-back sports seasons, it is difficult for them to spend quality time together. Olesen says her family has always been her biggest supporters, especially her dad.

“He always motivates me to do better. He wrestled growing up and he has helped me so much with wrestling and football. He comes to all my matches and games. My mom tries to understand sports, but she didn’t play any growing up. That doesn’t stop her from coming for me,” states Olesen.

Olesen started playing football her freshman year; she plays running back for the Oak Creek High School Junior Varsity football team. Although she is not the first female to be on the football team, she is the first in that position.  Olesen prefers contact sports over other athletics because she can be aggressive. She mentions her teammates have supported her throughout the season, but it was difficult to prove herself in the beginning.

“When I joined I was considered bad until I proved I could be good. Whereas a guy would be considered good when he joined until he messed up,” says Olesen. 

Olesen says their team has a strong family dynamic. When asked what her favorite memory from this season has been, she says it was the team’s first win. 

“It was the first time we all came together and it was exciting to be a part of,” said Olesen. 

Olesen is also on the school’s wrestling team. She first started wrestling in sixth grade and was coached by Steven Hein and Alan Hilgendorf. She says they have helped her the most and always encouraged her to do better. Olesen is now coached by Matt Majors. When asked about her proudest moment in wrestling, she talks about last year’s season.

“I was runner up in the state tournament last year and it was a cool experience. I know I will wrestle the same girl again this year. I need to beat her this time,” exclaims Olesen. 

She says she is commonly misconceived by her peers. Olesen believes that others are capable of doing everything she can do, and that she is not any different. She defines success as doing her best and trying to improve each day. 

Majors has high expectations for Olesen this season. He would love for her to be more vocal, although he commented that she is a humble individual who leads by example. When asked what piece of advice he would give to her, he spoke about leadership.

“Don’t be afraid to be the leader you are capable of being,” Majors says proudly.

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