From Businessman to Educator

By: Victoria Cobani

Since January of 2021, the businessman-turned-educator Kyle Kolhouse has been one of Oak Creek’s many business teachers — but becoming a teacher wasn’t always in his plans.  

Kolhouse comes from a long business background; he often mentions that he has always been business-oriented. This often leaves his students thinking, just how far back does this background really go? 

“My mom did Yellow Page titling,” said Kolhouse. “When I was [younger], my spring breaks were spent in Florida at sales conferences with my mom, [and] I remember really enjoying it because they used to give me free iPods.”

Kolhouse loved attending sales conferences with his mom, and these conferences proved to be an influence in his life that pushed him to pursue marketing.

“This 16-17 year-old kid walking around the hotels, having this free pass, and I was like I love marketing, marketing is for me,” he recalled.

Kolhouse also explained that he really enjoyed marketing, and he believed that it was something he was pretty good at.

“Someone once told me ‘if you do what you’re good at even if you don’t love it you’ll learn to love it, but if you do something you love, but you’re not necessarily good at, you’ll learn to hate it,’” he added. 

Kolhouse’s dad owned a construction business, from which Kolhouse learned that he was pretty good at the trade. 

“After high school, I tried construction for a while,” he began. “Was I good at it? Yeah. Did I love it? No. So, I learned to hate it,” he explained with a laugh.

After realizing construction wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life, Kolhouse ventured towards getting his marketing degree. 

Mr. Kolhouse is chairman of the Oak Creek’s celebrations committee, taking on a pretty big responsibility in organizing Oak Creek celebrations such as the Christmas lights in Drexel Town Square. He also has a multitude of other business experience in his life, such as owning his own consulting company.

Kolhouse considered a legal career at one point. He expresses his love for law, but he loves his family so much more — so with the long hours and time spent away from home, he’d once again realized it wasn’t the right fit for him.

Last January, Kohlhouse’s wife noticed there was a teaching position open after the departure of Mr. Subach, the former marketing teacher. Kolhouse decided to give it a shot.

“When I came into the [classroom] it just felt very natural to me and I really enjoyed it,” said Kolhouse. “I kinda like this, I like the freedom.” he stated.

It’s no lie that Kolhouse is a natural when it comes to teaching marketing, and he seems very comfortable in the classroom. 

“I think he is a good teacher; I like being in his class,” expressed one anonymous student of his. “I think he makes it very fun.” 

Many Oak Creek residents are also aware of what a big family man Kolhouse is.

“The day he has depends on his family,” another anonymous student said. “When his family was sick the past week, he was not having the best time, and you could tell he was really worried.”

Kolhouse values his family more than anything. Being a father is one of the most important things to him, and he is extremely proud of his two young children.

“Seeing those children in front of me now, and seeing how they grow, and how polite they are — it’s just something I am so proud of,” he added.

His wife and children influenced his career choices. He loves to travel, and that was a part of his job he had to leave behind when he had to be there with his family. However, he says he would never change it for the world.

 When asked if he would do anything differently in his life, his answer was a solid no. 

Kolhouse is a man who never looks back; he believes that looking back on your past regrets just holds you back from achieving your future goals. 

He will continue to influence students positively and teach them, even beyond the world of marketing. 

“I will never ever look backwards. I think people that live in the past will never make it to the future,” Kohlhouse stated.

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