Cultural Night Review

By: Thrisha Kumar The annual Oak Creek Multicultural Night, hosted by the Multicultural Club on April 28th, was an amazing night highlighting cultures from across the world. With over 100 attendees, the support from the community was tremendous! One highlight from this event was the various cultural displays. From China to Mexico, a multitude ofContinue reading “Cultural Night Review”

OCHS Multicultural Night Preview

By: Thrisha Kumar Are you looking for an event that may broaden your perspective about others? How about an event with music, dance, and hands-on activities like Carrom Board or Henna Art?  Then the Oak Creek Cultural Night is for you! This event – organized by Oak Creek High School Multicultural Club – will beContinue reading “OCHS Multicultural Night Preview”

OC Virtual: Two Years In

By: Alexander Schott OC Virtual is an online learning option the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District offers all K-12 students. This alternative learning arrangement resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. It’s a third-party program run through Edmentum, but all students remain enrolled in the district, and are still associated with their neighborhood school. ThisContinue reading “OC Virtual: Two Years In”

Knight’s Café: Allowing Students to Gain Culinary and Real World Experience

By: Lana Zahngenner The Knight’s Café is the new culinary program at OCHS that gives students the opportunity to interact with customers and provide culinary services. This program is available to culinary arts students who seek real-life experience in hospitality, business management, or barista career fields. The students participating in this program work with AnodyneContinue reading “Knight’s Café: Allowing Students to Gain Culinary and Real World Experience”

Review of the Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone Show

By: Caley Nell This magical tale, performed on February 19th and February 20th in the stunning Oak Creek Performing Arts Center, introduces an ordinary girl who falls asleep and dreams about being the main character of the book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She meets all of her favorite characters during this experience; however,Continue reading “Review of the Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone Show”

FBLA — Popular and Experienced

By: Ranwantjit Singh and Deangelo Smith Oak Creek High School’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is one of the more popular clubs at OCHS, and has held a number of competitions over the past years: RLC, SLC, and NLC (Regional, State, National Leadership Conference). Sometimes within a calendar year, FBLA holds almost 70 differentContinue reading “FBLA — Popular and Experienced”

Katelynn Strikes Big with a Scholarship

By: Caley Nell and Alexander Schott Katelynn Statz, class of 2022, embodies the essence of an Oak Creek Knight. She received a scholarship this year to bowl at the collegiate level. Anyone who knew her wasn’t surprised. In her two previous seasons, she was one of the top performers in the district and qualified forContinue reading “Katelynn Strikes Big with a Scholarship”

Cats vs. Dogs: Which is the superior species?

By Riya Lahoti (dogs) and Ms. Carie Ferg (cats) Dogs Cats vs. dogs, a mere lighthearted debate to see which animal makes for the greater companion. For, it is barely a discussion, as dogs hold no competition in being named the better pet.  Famously said by King Fredrick of Prussia in 1789, “The only, absoluteContinue reading “Cats vs. Dogs: Which is the superior species?”

Taylor Gilbert Designs Iconic Veterans Mural

By Sarbjeet Kaur Our surroundings shape us. Even when looking back on our experiences, certain images stick out and bring back memories attached with it, and before you know it, you’re lost in a nostalgic daze reliving your best days. Whether that trigger be something as simple as a scantron sheet or your prom dress,Continue reading “Taylor Gilbert Designs Iconic Veterans Mural”

FBLA Places 2nd Overall at Competition

By Riya Lahoti Students tackled this year’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) competition through the platform of the Internet. With such a talent-diverse group, it wasn’t a surprise that Oak Creek placed 2nd overall during this competition, proudly representing our high school. “Although we weren’t able to be in person to network and meetContinue reading “FBLA Places 2nd Overall at Competition”