Texas Weather Crisis Abates

By Thrisha Kumar To a great extent, news has been circulating about the unfortunate circumstances that Texas has been going through. Although the region is one of the warmest, the temperature unexpectedly dropped to the subzeroes. The freezing temperatures resulted in power outages in many parts of the state.  The Power Outage The regulators inContinue reading “Texas Weather Crisis Abates”

Knights Close Out a Dynamic Winter Sports Season Despite COVID

By Riya Lahoti Many of our winter sport seasons have come to an end, so here’s a recap of some of the amazing athletic achievements made by our astonishing Knights. Boys Basketball The boys basketball finished their striking season with 14 -11, which was the second time in the last 15 years the team hadContinue reading “Knights Close Out a Dynamic Winter Sports Season Despite COVID”

Ben Kawczynski Lands the State Wrestling Title

By Ms. Carie Ferg “I would say I’m going to be the next one to do it.” Ben Kawczynski on winning the state wrestling title Senior Ben Kawczynski recently won the state wrestling title Feb. 13, 2021 — a feat accomplished by just one other Knight, Joe Aperi, in 1992. Kawczynski, who has been wrestlingContinue reading “Ben Kawczynski Lands the State Wrestling Title”

Soak in OCHS Art Students’ Incredible Virtual Show

Thrisha Kumar took a few minutes to get the scoop from the art teacher, Ms. Hudson, on this year’s art show, which is available virtually. Q: When is the Art Show? A: The art show should have been on Jan. 14, 2021, but due to the large crowd it typically draws, we had to switchContinue reading “Soak in OCHS Art Students’ Incredible Virtual Show”

Kalie Freiberg to Attempt to Qualify for Powerlifting Nationals

By Ms. Carie Ferg Kalie Freiberg, an outstanding OCHS student and athlete, will be featured on “Friday Night Heroes” Feb. 12, 2021, on Fox Channel 6 at 9 p.m. for her powerlifting achievements. “Her attention to detail in her preparation, work ethic, and her enthusiasm for the sport are a few of the winning characteristicsContinue reading “Kalie Freiberg to Attempt to Qualify for Powerlifting Nationals”

Let’s Dismantle the Media’s Toxic Beauty Standards for Women

An op-ed by Lilly Nuck Beauty. A lot of people define beauty in different ways. While some may consider the most beautiful things to be portrayed on the inside, others wholeheartedly believe that beauty is solely what is found on the outside. The true reason why many have come to believe this stems from beautyContinue reading “Let’s Dismantle the Media’s Toxic Beauty Standards for Women”

2020 Didn’t Kill Us (just barely) … What Did We Learn?

An op-ed by Sarbjeet Kaur Last night, I fell asleep at an Indian wedding. My cousin’s marriage; vibrant red ribbons stretched over tall ceilings, turbans and bright traditional clothing crowding the food venues hoping to make it in time for dessert, all in 240p video resolution quality and grainy distorted audio. Not what I hadContinue reading “2020 Didn’t Kill Us (just barely) … What Did We Learn?”

Capitol Building Raided, Democracy Assaulted

By Riya Lahoti Jan. 6, 2021, marks a memorable day as hundreds of former President Donald Trump’s supporters rioted and illegally entered the capitol the day of the ceremonial counting of the electoral votes for a final confirmation of President Joe Biden’s win. What many claim to have just started as a protest, turned intoContinue reading “Capitol Building Raided, Democracy Assaulted”

OCHS Theatre’s Remarkable Resilience: an Overview of Outstanding Work

By Faith Graceffa COVID-19’s impact has truly transformed the lives of many all across the nation, even creating barriers within day-to-day activities that you may have not had to give a second thought to before. This has especially affected our experience within high school and its many extracurricular activities such as OCHS Theatre. However, group’sContinue reading “OCHS Theatre’s Remarkable Resilience: an Overview of Outstanding Work”

Ring 2021 in with Academic Success by Managing Test Anxiety

By Lilly Nuck Biting your nails continuously. Tapping your foot to the beat of an aged analog clock. Your stomach twisting and turning inside you. These are all things that you could have experienced if you have ever gotten anxious before a quiz, test, or a final exam. No matter how long or hard youContinue reading “Ring 2021 in with Academic Success by Managing Test Anxiety”