India’s Farmer Reforms Allure Millions of Protests

By Riya Lahoti Over the last few weeks, Indian farmer protests have gained significant attention through the lens of social media and multiple platform societal movements. While the protests have been occurring since Sept., 2020, they had finally acquired mass recognition during November when their peaceful protests within India’s capital, New Delhi, were responded toContinue reading “India’s Farmer Reforms Allure Millions of Protests”

Human Behavior Impacts Animal Extinction: Here’s How You Can Help

By Caley Nell What is the cause of animal extinction? It is significant to note that some extinction is natural. If animals didn’t die they would overpopulate the earth. However, extinction is happening a lot more quickly due to our carelessness (National Geographic, 2019). We need to realize the harm that humankind is creating inContinue reading “Human Behavior Impacts Animal Extinction: Here’s How You Can Help”

Ms. Huber Handles Business at Oak Creek High School

By Ms. Carie Ferg On any given day, you might walk through Oak Creek High School and hear the “clickety-clack” of Ms. Huber’s heels striding down the hallway. She’s always dressed just as smartly as her shoes sound, in fashionable yet professional attire. A businesswoman at heart, Huber didn’t gain her reputation as a stellarContinue reading “Ms. Huber Handles Business at Oak Creek High School”

Amazon Fulfillment Center Opens in Oak Creek

By Thrisha Kumar After the 2.5 million-square-foot, four-story Oak Creek Amazon fulfillment center was approved in Nov., 2018, it was finally opened on Oct. 18, 2020 for day one of its operation. This new introduction within the Oak Creek Community will bring in 1,500 new fulltime employment opportunities. There are positions still available for thoseContinue reading “Amazon Fulfillment Center Opens in Oak Creek”

Oak Creek’s Pride: Sophia Azim

By Sarbjeet Kaur Sophia Azim smiles at me warmly when the Google Meet finally loads. Through the grainy quality of the face call, I see her swaying slightly in a swivel chair, an arm wrapped around a propped knee and loose strands of dark hair sticking out from her ponytail. She is clad in aContinue reading “Oak Creek’s Pride: Sophia Azim”

Our 46th President: Joe Biden

By Riya Lahoti BIDEN’S VICTORY With a tight race between both Democratic candidate Joe Biden and current president Donald Trump, the election kept all of America on edge as citizens saw the fluctuations of the battleground states change from either Democratic-leaning to Republican and vice versa.  Biden was able to re-win the blue wall backContinue reading “Our 46th President: Joe Biden”

Playwright, Director Mr. Steeves on “The Forgotten Moon” & Theatre During COVID

Q: In a nutshell, what’s the play, The Forgotten Moon, about?  A (Mr. Steeves, English teacher and playwright/director of The Forgotten Moon): Here’s the synopsis: Martin Fischer keeps meeting himself. Ever since he was a baby, versions of him keep popping up in his life. And since the death of his grandfather, Martin has always loved,Continue reading “Playwright, Director Mr. Steeves on “The Forgotten Moon” & Theatre During COVID”

Fall Sports Wind Down & the Wins Stack Up

As fall sports wind down, let’s take a look back at all the accomplishments achieved recently by the Oak Creek Knights! The indestructible Isabella Ross has added another medal to her collection by winning her third straight sectional. With this achievement, Ross became eligible for the state tournament. In her freshman year, Ross finished 42ndContinue reading “Fall Sports Wind Down & the Wins Stack Up”

Take Your Pick! OCHS Offers a Plethora of Clubs

By Rebecca Zelten A great way to get involved with school happenings and connect with other students who have interests and hobbies similar to you is to join a club. Whether you are passionate about an activity or looking to expand your knowledge on a subject, clubs are an excellent source of information. From AnimeContinue reading “Take Your Pick! OCHS Offers a Plethora of Clubs”

OCHS Homecoming Week

By Riya Lahoti As students come back to school after almost seven months of quarantine, a yearly tradition of homecoming week created new fond memories of Oak Creek Knight spirit. Every day, our students were given the opportunity to dress according to their grade’s theme, such as “fantasy freshman,” “spooky sophomores,” “jersey juniors,” and “spaceContinue reading “OCHS Homecoming Week”