Cats vs. Dogs: Which is the superior species?

By Riya Lahoti (dogs) and Ms. Carie Ferg (cats) Dogs Cats vs. dogs, a mere lighthearted debate to see which animal makes for the greater companion. For, it is barely a discussion, as dogs hold no competition in being named the better pet.  Famously said by King Fredrick of Prussia in 1789, “The only, absoluteContinue reading “Cats vs. Dogs: Which is the superior species?”

Let’s Dismantle the Media’s Toxic Beauty Standards for Women

An op-ed by Lilly Nuck Beauty. A lot of people define beauty in different ways. While some may consider the most beautiful things to be portrayed on the inside, others wholeheartedly believe that beauty is solely what is found on the outside. The true reason why many have come to believe this stems from beautyContinue reading “Let’s Dismantle the Media’s Toxic Beauty Standards for Women”

2020 Didn’t Kill Us (just barely) … What Did We Learn?

An op-ed by Sarbjeet Kaur Last night, I fell asleep at an Indian wedding. My cousin’s marriage; vibrant red ribbons stretched over tall ceilings, turbans and bright traditional clothing crowding the food venues hoping to make it in time for dessert, all in 240p video resolution quality and grainy distorted audio. Not what I hadContinue reading “2020 Didn’t Kill Us (just barely) … What Did We Learn?”

Ninjas vs. Pirates: Who is superior?

Pirates By Riland Morina For centuries, the only law across the seven seas was one established by pirates. Only the strongest survived, and the winner always took all. The life of a pirate was rough, but the freedom to live a life outside the boundaries of the law was enticing. The legal jobs of theContinue reading “Ninjas vs. Pirates: Who is superior?”

Should Humans Search for Extraterrestrials?

by Jonathan Phung and Abigail Verfeurth The Alien Attraction It would be better for us to discover other sentient life. We have always been curious explorers and adventurers that glory in the unfamiliar; we were never meant to journey alone.   Nick Pope, author on space and the unexplored as well as foreman of the BritishContinue reading “Should Humans Search for Extraterrestrials?”