Airport Forces Dog Park to Close

A Photo Story By: Faith Graceffa Oak Creek’s Runway Dog Park was operated by Milwaukee County Parks, the government department that operates over 150 parks. After being open to the public since 2005, Runway is now being taken back into the hands of Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport. Dog owners who have been able to walkContinue reading “Airport Forces Dog Park to Close”

Block – A Hit or a Miss?

By: Kennedy Corbin Oak Creek High School introduced block scheduling at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year in hopes of providing a more efficient learning environment for both students and teachers. With the switch to the block schedule format, classroom time has increased from 50 minutes to 83 minutes. Some say this created moreContinue reading Block – A Hit or a Miss?

GO Time Benefits Students

By: Kaitlyn Dohs GO Time gives students at Oak Creek High School the opportunity to thrive academically. However, teachers, administration, and students worry that GO time will not be effectively utilized.  GO Time replaced advisory and study halls in block scheduling this year. The school board and administration put a lot of time and researchContinue reading GO Time Benefits Students

OCHS Lockers Left Unused

By: Eloise Pizelle After just a short stroll down any of Oak Creek High School’s halls, you’ll notice something peculiar: very few bright blue lockers have locks on them. Thieves reading this can put their ski masks away, though, because most of these lockers are empty. The main problem is the size of the schoolContinue reading OCHS Lockers Left Unused

OC Virtual: Two Years In

By: Alexander Schott OC Virtual is an online learning option the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District offers all K-12 students. This alternative learning arrangement resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. It’s a third-party program run through Edmentum, but all students remain enrolled in the district, and are still associated with their neighborhood school. ThisContinue reading “OC Virtual: Two Years In”