Ring 2021 in with Academic Success by Managing Test Anxiety

By Lilly Nuck Biting your nails continuously. Tapping your foot to the beat of an aged analog clock. Your stomach twisting and turning inside you. These are all things that you could have experienced if you have ever gotten anxious before a quiz, test, or a final exam. No matter how long or hard youContinue reading “Ring 2021 in with Academic Success by Managing Test Anxiety”

OCHS Homecoming Week

By Riya Lahoti As students come back to school after almost seven months of quarantine, a yearly tradition of homecoming week created new fond memories of Oak Creek Knight spirit. Every day, our students were given the opportunity to dress according to their grade’s theme, such as “fantasy freshman,” “spooky sophomores,” “jersey juniors,” and “spaceContinue reading “OCHS Homecoming Week”

Oak Creek School District to Return to 100-Percent Virtual Learning

By Ms. Julie Lietz Last night, the OCFSD school board met in a special meeting to discuss returning to Phase 1 (100-percent remote learning) as the Oak Creek burden rate increased to 430–exceeding the threshold of 350 for the criteria voted on by the board back in August. Beginning October 19, 2020, OCFSD will returnContinue reading “Oak Creek School District to Return to 100-Percent Virtual Learning”

Easy Ways to Survive and Self Care During Quarantine

By Lilly Nuck While Covid-19 has brought an immense amount of physical sickness to people all around the world, it has also brought an array of newly and increased preexisting mental illness. The struggle of being isolated in your home and having normality taken away from you abruptly can have a large effect on theContinue reading “Easy Ways to Survive and Self Care During Quarantine”

Oak Creek to Return to School on Hybrid Schedule

By Ms. Ferg After nearly four weeks of educators tackling the world of virtual learning from the halls of Oak Creek High School and students showing up to class from their bedrooms, the educational reality due to COVID-19 is about to change once again on Sept. 28, 2020.  On that day, students will be backContinue reading “Oak Creek to Return to School on Hybrid Schedule”