Adrenaline Fuels Sam into First Place

By: Caley Nell Sam Marsteller raced his way into first place with the Oak Creek Junior Varsity Mountain Bike Team, a relatively new club at the high school. The competition took place on Sept. 25 in Eau Claire where the course is challenging and other bikers are more familiar with the terrain.   Marsteller’s career inContinue reading “Adrenaline Fuels Sam into First Place”

Volleyball Superstars and Their Superstitions

By: Emily Cross Oak Creek Girls Volleyball, the number-one-ranked team in the Southeast Conference, trusts that their superstitions will bring them to the top.  Led by coach of the year, Kristen Hren, the team has an overall record of 22-4. The Knights come off a big conference win on Tuesday, September 28th, against the previouslyContinue reading Volleyball Superstars and Their Superstitions

Fall Sports Update

By: Ella Owen Oak Creek High School offers almost 30 sports, a third of which are fall sports. Keeping track of all the sports is hard, especially during the football season since it steals the spotlight from lesser-known activities. The girl’s junior varsity volleyball team has had a productive start to their season. Julia Erdmann,Continue reading Fall Sports Update

Knight’s Café: Allowing Students to Gain Culinary and Real World Experience

By: Lana Zahngenner The Knight’s Café is the new culinary program at OCHS that gives students the opportunity to interact with customers and provide culinary services. This program is available to culinary arts students who seek real-life experience in hospitality, business management, or barista career fields. The students participating in this program work with AnodyneContinue reading “Knight’s Café: Allowing Students to Gain Culinary and Real World Experience”

FBLA — Popular and Experienced

By: Ranwantjit Singh and Deangelo Smith Oak Creek High School’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is one of the more popular clubs at OCHS, and has held a number of competitions over the past years: RLC, SLC, and NLC (Regional, State, National Leadership Conference). Sometimes within a calendar year, FBLA holds almost 70 differentContinue reading “FBLA — Popular and Experienced”