Oak Creek’s Pride: Sophia Azim

By Sarbjeet Kaur Sophia Azim smiles at me warmly when the Google Meet finally loads. Through the grainy quality of the face call, I see her swaying slightly in a swivel chair, an arm wrapped around a propped knee and loose strands of dark hair sticking out from her ponytail. She is clad in aContinue reading “Oak Creek’s Pride: Sophia Azim”

The Power of Peterson

by Michaela Snead and Madelyn Buchmann Alaina Peterson, an all-around all-star, has immeasurably proven her devotion to relationships and school. She involves herself in a variety of activities, ranging from Varsity Girls Basketball to band to National Honors Society.  Compared to many teens, Peterson is as active as one can get. Peterson participated in GirlsContinue reading “The Power of Peterson”