Co-Conference Soccor Champion: Gilberto Perez

By: Kaitlyn Dohs For some people, sports are simply a way to stay busy and exercise. For Gilberto Perez, a junior on the Oak Creek High School boys varsity soccer team, sports are so much more. Perez has played basketball, football, and soccer. However, his passion for soccer trumps all and it has become hisContinue reading Co-Conference Soccor Champion: Gilberto Perez

Isabelle Olesen – More Than Meets the Eye

By: Emily Cross Sophomore Isabelle Olesen is determined to return to the wrestling state tournament, but what most don’t know is that she’s also on the football team. 15-year-old Olesen has lived in Oak Creek her whole life. She lives in a close-knit household with her mother and father. Her older sister graduated high schoolContinue reading “Isabelle Olesen – More Than Meets the Eye”

Katelynn Strikes Big with a Scholarship

By: Caley Nell and Alexander Schott Katelynn Statz, class of 2022, embodies the essence of an Oak Creek Knight. She received a scholarship this year to bowl at the collegiate level. Anyone who knew her wasn’t surprised. In her two previous seasons, she was one of the top performers in the district and qualified forContinue reading “Katelynn Strikes Big with a Scholarship”