2020 Didn’t Kill Us (just barely) … What Did We Learn?

An op-ed by Sarbjeet Kaur Last night, I fell asleep at an Indian wedding. My cousin’s marriage; vibrant red ribbons stretched over tall ceilings, turbans and bright traditional clothing crowding the food venues hoping to make it in time for dessert, all in 240p video resolution quality and grainy distorted audio. Not what I hadContinue reading “2020 Didn’t Kill Us (just barely) … What Did We Learn?”

Kenosha, Wis.: a Battlefield of Justice

By: Riya Lahoti THE SHOOTING OF JACOB BLAKE Within the summer of 2020, a social movement advocating against Police brutality, and racially motivated violence, has gained national recognition: Black Lives Matter (BLM). Created in 2013, this movement has peaked again in a response to the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. However,Continue reading “Kenosha, Wis.: a Battlefield of Justice”

Presidential Candidates Visit Kenosha, Wis.

By Riya Lahoti Donald Trump President Donald Trump visited Kenosha a few weeks back to assess the climate of  riots and protests in the city; however, many city officials requested Trump not to come, as the city is still healing from the shooting of Jacob Blake.  Trump’s conclusion? “Domestic violence.” While siding with the lawContinue reading “Presidential Candidates Visit Kenosha, Wis.”