2020 Didn’t Kill Us (just barely) … What Did We Learn?

An op-ed by Sarbjeet Kaur Last night, I fell asleep at an Indian wedding. My cousin’s marriage; vibrant red ribbons stretched over tall ceilings, turbans and bright traditional clothing crowding the food venues hoping to make it in time for dessert, all in 240p video resolution quality and grainy distorted audio. Not what I hadContinue reading “2020 Didn’t Kill Us (just barely) … What Did We Learn?”

Easy Ways to Survive and Self Care During Quarantine

By Lilly Nuck While Covid-19 has brought an immense amount of physical sickness to people all around the world, it has also brought an array of newly and increased preexisting mental illness. The struggle of being isolated in your home and having normality taken away from you abruptly can have a large effect on theContinue reading “Easy Ways to Survive and Self Care During Quarantine”