What Will Our Future Look Like With More Technology Advancing?

A research argument by Caley Nell It is a known fact that we are becoming more and more dependent on technology. We use cars to get to school or work, we use our cell phone to call or text, we regularly use washers and dryers, and most have a dishwasher. With technology becoming more availableContinue reading “What Will Our Future Look Like With More Technology Advancing?”

Amazon Fulfillment Center Opens in Oak Creek

By Thrisha Kumar After the 2.5 million-square-foot, four-story Oak Creek Amazon fulfillment center was approved in Nov., 2018, it was finally opened on Oct. 18, 2020 for day one of its operation. This new introduction within the Oak Creek Community will bring in 1,500 new fulltime employment opportunities. There are positions still available for thoseContinue reading “Amazon Fulfillment Center Opens in Oak Creek”